What the press have had to say...

R2 Rock n Reel Magazine March 2015

****  Mojo Magazine

“Absolutely beautiful. A lovely, lovely song. Sublime.”
BBC Radio 2 Good Morning Sunday host Hardeep Singh Kohli, talking about the track Too Long in the Country.

"She focuses on tales rich in home life and one’s emotions (and) brings a grace and beauty rarely heard."
Maurice Hope of Flying Shoes Review

**** "A wonderful collection of thoughtful songs." Country Music People

"Christina's lyrics perform the difficult trick of evoking a mood beautifully, whilst still leaving room for the listener to connect with their own memories and experiences."
Adam Buxton, British Comedian and Actor

"Her Anglo-American upbringing has given her a unique style; a blend of old fashioned rural vigour and urban wisdom."

What's On Where London

**** "By God, she can sing."  Irish World

Irish Post Review, 2015

"Hovering gracefully somewhere between folk and country." BBC Radio Scotland

"Grabs you on the first listen." Classic Rock Society

“Organic and extremely beautiful, like a flower refreshed by spring rain.”  Country Music Round-up

“Emmylou, Moorer and Nanci will doubtless be names trotted out when comparisons are made.”  Netrhythmns

“Rich in a background of folk and country, she brings a gentle rustic quality to her sweet ache vocals and relaxed melodies. Essential listening.”  Tatler Magazine

 "A singer who is set fair to conquer the world." Maverick

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